monoatomic hydrogen

"ESTT" electric steam tesla turbine
multiple stage electric shredding of H2O to mono-atomic hydrogen and O2
then ignition to steam, feed to tesla turbine.


synchronous resonant electrostatic motor

hyde electrostatic generator tied to brown asymitrical electrode configuration for thrust


solenoid engine
update of teal Magnipulsion Engine
modern electronic switching with power feedback
V12soleniod engine with bemf feedback under construction 02-01-2010

arc blast fog tesla turbine
high voltage high current water engine

quadpole homopolar generator
3 volt (1.8 volt loaded) 20,000 amp generator under constructiom
2 heaters in 120 volt 10 ohm series/parrallel 2880 watts max
silver solder conductor, ferrous rotor 1.25 inch dia 10 inch long
dual 120 volt 14 amp max drive motors 3360 watts max
dual field coils 2.5 ohm each 25 amp 3125 watts max
generators are able to be connected in seris with no current loss
9365 watts in 36000 watts out 380% effecient

AC tripole homopolar generator
in design concept phase 5-03-09

monopole homopolar generator
design concept under construction

air driven homopolar generator
flying saucer design 16 feet dia intergrated propulsion
in design phase

dual pancake coil repulsing permanent magnet motor
permanent magnet stator rotor pancake in gap

gyro generator
gimbled gyro with eletromagnet on one side
4 coil core processing gyro with magnetic attraction on other side fixed mount
gyro procession reset with elctromagnet off
invented 3_10_07


dielectric power system under investigation

K capture

al xray k capture generator


anti-neutronic inertial Z-pinch shot reactor
collision based z-pinch on impact,z-pinch heats and focuses
collision compresses plasma to required density
rail gun assisted mass driver, electromagnetic energy recovery
invented 01_02_08

helium 3
sono luminesence bubble confinement casimir forced collapse
in design phase

CFEPT cold fusion electrolysis plasma turbine date 6_8_06
compressor and turbine are electrodes in a high temp water plasma
cold fusion electrolysis reactor turbine

electrostatic magnetic implosion reactor
electrostatic beam heating and confinment
followed by magnetic plasma compression and implosion
pulsed magnetic fields up to 10 MegAmps
dated 5_19_06


variable capacitance flux permanent magnetic motor
invented 9-28-2005
cap increasing charges from series inductance on aproach of magnet,
discharge cap decreasing repelling magnet from parallel inductance

sheild activated fully throttlable dual interference
permanent magnetic motor
design completed

attraction (field supressed on retreating side) interference
permanent magnetic motor
design completed6-20-2007
prototype under construction10-15-2007


gravity engine
gravity powered weight transfer over-balance wheel
invented 12-17-2004
balanced inside weights gravity force
right angle shift of outside weights out of balance

gravity powered weight transfer over-balance wheel
invented 5-10-2007
balanced shift weights gravity force
right angle cam shift of drive weights out of balance

PHEP:pendulum hydroelectric power
15ft pendulum with 1560lbs weight,84.8"^2, 2ft stroke 3cyl 6" piston pump,
lower tank 33ft head above fulcrum, upper tank 66ft head above fulcrum,
pendulum pumps 1.08hp hydraulic with less than 100 watt electric drive,
hydroelectric power from upper tank to lower tank head of 33ft.
invented 9-25-2008

VIGIROG:vertical inertial gravity interferance reluctance oscillating generator
vertical spring weight loaded reluctance assembly between magnets and iron coil core
iron reluctance assembly 10 cores suspended on sring with weightand magnet at bottom / coil 14 cores
iron coil driver soleniod core on bottom PLL, output power tap feed back
assembly tube inside magnet stator, iron reluctance "rotor", iron core stator outside / all cylinder tubes
mounted to pedestal base or tripod
invented 11-18-2013

site under construction