flying submarine

lenght:60ft/width:14ft/height:13.5ft{taxi config}
gear:6l6r4f retractable
mass <=120000lbs
displacment <=350000lbs
conn/rudder wing/delta top74ft deployed/27ft canard elevator diveplane
power plant: VCR varicap resonance sw 3phase 8.5megawatt/lifecycle with maint:50+years
battery: 500kwhr chemical + 100kwhr supercap + flywheel 50kwhr
propulsion:2 gimbaled centripl_inertial_mass CIM_drv 8x500hp3phase_ea/range unlimited
2 counter_rotation_ducted_prop ttl 4x500hp3phase
arms:6x2000lbs payload 3ftdia ballistic missle CIM_drv/range unlimited
24x500lbs payload 1ftdia torp CIM_drv/range unlimited
48x50lbs payload 3in subroc torp intercept/short range <=5000yds
12x200lbs payload 6in cruise missle 2 gimb CIM_drv/range unlimited
oxy/co2/hvac/h20: chemical/tornado separ/Peltier Modules/distilled
hull:1/4in double hull braced insulated pressure dropped/op depth 125ft/crush depth 300ft
speed: air/trans-sonic land/120mph(limited) surface/hydroplane200kts submerged/est(top secret)
stealth: features facited/damped
crew: 3man
periscope/video with zoom radar/doppler nav/inertial-gps

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est 2015